Around The Form in a Tea Haze!

28 Mar
March 28, 2012

How do you go about dealing with the council? Well I have tried kindly, patiently, and have yet to try with a baseball bat :)

I mean, how hard can it be… I have a child with special needs, the council told me to apply for various things that I am entitled to (their words), I have been paying taxes for many, many years and I should not feel guilty about applying although due to my upbringing in a weird sort of way I do.

So I phone up, they ask me a bunch of questions, and then send me a form; no actually make that a book… better still a book and an encyclopedia that I must read first in order to be able to fill the book in.  They need documentation and verification of everything: addresses, names, dates, reports, history the list really does go on to the moon and back.

I phone them up and ask them a few questions, and they then inform me that I have two weeks in which to gather all the information and if I need more then I simply have to fill another form in asking for an extension. :roll eyes:

So I need to get a load people (from all over the place): speech therapists, educational psychologists, doctors, class teachers, and old health visitors to send us relevant information within two weeks.  For this to happen requires a minor miracle.

I wonder what would happen if we adopted the same approach to paying our council tax?  Perhaps we should send them a book to fill in asking for indiviual reports from the local road maintenance team, the librarian, various police patrol officers, parking ticket inspectors, road sweepers… sorry I mean road inspection maintenance executives. Oh, and they need to get it back to us in two weeks as we can’t back date anything…

There, I feel a lot better now! I wonder how long this will last.

For now I have decided to take the I ‘CBA approach’.  To save sending you a notebook with terms it means ‘Can’t Be Arsed’, besides I am pretty sure they’ll expect me to go through the same process on a regular basis…

Do any of you guys have any tips to dealing and doing such things?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar
March 17, 2012

When your stuck for what to write, on a long wet sorry night, and Saint Patricks Day is just about to start. You’ve got to think really quick, to write a limerick, that as good as a top al-a-carte.  Then you realise that thing, that you can’t exactly sing, and your creativity is stuck down in a hole. Then Youtube comes to your aid, and your glad that you surveyed,  that I found this Read more →

The School, the pizza and the strong chest.

15 Mar
March 15, 2012

Yesterday was a great day, it was parents evening and as Felix and Solomon started this new school about six weeks ago, it was our first one there. Solomon’s appraisal was first with his teacher and 1-2-1 helper. We saw all the things he was doing and saw how they were integrating him into the class – it was so much more professional than his last school. We saw his work, his spelling and writing (two years ago when he was eight we wondered if he would ever be able to read or write). By the end of the appraisal I had tears in my eyes and Read more →

Some old favourite cookbooks #Listography

14 Mar
March 14, 2012

Now I love food, buttery biscuit bases, although I have been having a problem with eating, it’s called gaining added flab.  My enjoyment for food and distaste for getting flabbier fight an eternal battle that shadows that of even biblical proportions. These books I am going to recommend are the Read more →

The Autistic Doctor

12 Mar
March 12, 2012

Well here it is – many years after coming up with the idea of doing one of these I have finally put it together and taken the plunge.

A while ago (about two years) we got a letter asking us to visit one of Solomon’s doctors, they wanted me to sign something that would give Solly the official tag of autism – this would mean Read more →